Despite its exotic appearance, the care for a Savannah cat is not much different from caring for other domestic cats.

  • Brush fur twice a week. Check the ears twice a month. Trim the nails as needed. Schedule veterinary dental cleanings as needed. Bathe 2 times a year.

  • Timely vaccination and parasites prevention. Regular visits to the veterinarian.

  • Regular walking outdoors. Walking on a leash should be taught from childhood. Active games and communication are essential.

  • Make sure that your Savannah cat at the age under 5 month avoids jumping or falling from tall cabinets or shelves. Within this intensive growth phase it can easily damage the limb. Protect Savannah from houseplants as many of them can be toxic and lead to health problems. Click here to see the list of harmful plants. Up to 7 months of age kittens may chew wires therefore secure the house for your kitten.