Features of the most popular leopard cats

Thoroughbred leopard cats were bred mainly by artificial ways, either by genetic engineering or by artificial selection. However, these breeds of cats have perfect health and high life expectancy. This is a huge variety of fully and semi-domestic cats, large and medium-sized, long-haired and short-haired. The most popular leopard cats are the following species: Bengal cat, Egyptian Mau, Serengeti. But Savannah cats precede all these breeds. Savannah is the most valuable and rare breed, which retained the most features of exotic leopard cats. It's difficult to determine the breeds of leopard cats using only photographs, if you are not a professional. Often scammers use that. Try to contact the experts, who would be able to determine approximate belonging of the animal to a particular breed by external characteristics. We're introducing here the main external features and characteristics of the body structure, which may help to distinguish Savannah cats from the other breeds of leopard cats.


Savannah cats.

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However, according to the rules of the most feline associations, breed of a cat can be confirmed only if there are relevant documents.



The main differences between Bengals and Savannahs.

- Bengal was originated from Asian Leopard Cat (ALS). Savannah was originated from Serval. Different species of the ancestors affect on many features of these two breeds.

 - Serval is bigger than Asian Leopard Cat, so the first generations of Savannahs are bigger than the first generations of Bengal.

-  Spots of Bengal cats are three-colour, but spots of Savannahs are one-colour.

 - There are some differences in the physical type. Bengal cats have compact bodies, like wrestlers or football players. Their ears are relatively short with a wide base and rounded tips. Their eyes are large and round. While Savannahs are "high basketball players" with big ears. Faces of Bengals are wider and rounder than faces of Savannahs, which have a long type of their faces.


Bengal cats.



The main differences between Serengeties and Savannahs.

Serengeti cats look very similar to Savannahs. The main difference is in their origin. Breeders did not use Serval when created Serengeti in contrast to Savannah.  Savannah breed requires presence of Serval blood.  Savannahs took the specific features of Serval as a result:

- Savannahs have discernible wild stains on the backside of the ears, in contrast to Serengeties.

-  Savannahs have marks in the form of drops of tears. They are bright and directed from the corner of the eye to the nose.  The same marks of Serengeti are significantly less. Sometimes they don't exist.

-  Eyes of Savannahs are almond shaped with overhanging eyelids. The distance between them is approximately equal to the size of their eye. Serengeti cats have the wide-set eyes, which are round shaped.

 - Serengeties and Savannahs have huge ears. However, ears of Savannahs should be so wide at the base, that the distance between them should be minimized.

-  The feature of Serengeti cats is in their wool structure. They have absolutely no undercoat.

-  Savannahs of the first generations are much less "chatty" than the Serengeties.




The main differences between Egyptian Mau and Savannah.

Egyptian Mau is one of the breeds of leopard cats. Sometimes, they are even used in the breeding programs of Savannahs. Please, pay attention to the characteristics of the breed Egyptian Mau and their comparison with the characteristics of the breed Savannah:

- Spots of Egyptian Mau are clear and round. They are spread randomly. But spots of Mau are smaller than spots of Savannah.

- There’re no wild stains on the backside of the ears of Egyptian Maus, in contrast to Savannahs.

- Egyptian Maus have no parallel strips extending from the base of the ears on the neck to the collarbones. These strips on Savannahs are always visible.

-  Maus have no black spots at the corner of the eyes. Savannahs have bright marks in the form of drops of tears.

-  Eyes of Maus should only be green and look like astonished.  Standards of the Savannah breed allow having brown, yellow and green colored eyes.

-  Legs of Egyptian Maus are medium length and the weight of Mau is around 6,5-9 pounds (3-4 kg). Legs of Savannahs are long, and the hind legs are longer than the front legs. Average weight of Savannah is 13-22 pounds (6-10 kg).

Egyptian Mau


Please, note that the specific features of Serval are less visible after the third generation of Savannah.