Questions about savannas

Questions about savannas

How to choose a Savannah breeder? 

When you face a question where to purchase your Savannah kitten it is important to consider lots of things. The breeder you choose to purchase a kitten from should have a solid reputation to which you can always apply with any questions related to Savannah care and upbringing. Before buying, ask the breeder about their breeding program, the potential parents of your kitten and the pedigree.

Why kittens of the same generation of different prices?

Some kittens are more consistent with the breed standard, so they are more demanded and the price reflects this. But this does not mean that other kittens are of poor quality, they can be even friendlier and more gentle which is an important factor when choosing a pet. So the price depends on the purpose of purchase. Kittens that will participate in further breeding are always more expensive than the kittens purchased just to be pets.

Why a quarantine for my savannah, when it first enters into a new house?

There are two important reasons why your new kitten should be quarantined for at least two weeks. Firstly, stress that a small pet experiences from people, traveling to a new home and meeting a new family. Sometimes it can cause health problems due to immune system suppression. Cats are generally very sensitive and may react to stress in form of an attack of diarrhea. If there are other cats in the house, you have to keep them separate until you are sure that the new kitten feels good. First, it is better to place a kitten in a small room where it can easily find food, water and a litter box. It also needs time to get used to a new human family and to develop the relationship with its members.

Do Savannahs get along well with other pets?

Yes, as a rule, Savannah gets along well with other animals. Savannah perfectly gets on with dogs and other cats breeds. It is not recommended that a savannah be placed in a home with birds or fish. Savannah cats are extremely intelligent and could easily figure out how to open the lid on the habitat or the aquarium.

Are Savannahs destructive?

Savannah is a very energetic animal with high intelligence. To avoid damage to furniture or other items of your home it is necessary to engage savannas into activities with other pets or toys. Savannah responds well to training and even education. Playgrounds for cats and other equipment such as scratching posts or mats may help to distract Savannah cats from inappropriate behavior and allow them to consume irrepressible energy.

Do Savannah cats need special toys?

Since the force of compression of Savannah jaws exceeds three times a normal cat ordinary rubber toys for cats are hardly suitable for Savannah. They will quickly get destroyed and sometimes they can even be dangerous to your pet's life. Toys for dogs are more suitable for Savannah. Make sure that very small toys could not get to Savannah’s mouth.

How to prepare your home before purchasing a Savannah?

Certain preparatory actions s are the must for your home. All fragile items should be removed from the shelves and cabinets. Savannahs are very energetic and can turn them over during their joyful games. Get rid of all poisonous plants in the house.

What is an SBT Savannah?

At least three previous generations of such kitten were only savannahs. It is an exceptional quality kitten. They have a predictable character, temperament and size. Such Savannah kitten is an ideal choice for a family with other pets and small children.

What is their life span?

In most cases, savannahs have good health which, however, does not mean that they cannot get sick in adverse living conditions. Savannah life expectancy is usually about 15 years.

How big does an adult Savannah get?

Savannah's size depends on the size and type of its parents and the percentage of the wild Serval blood. It is not always easy to predict how much the size of a Savannah will exceed the usual domestic cat. It also depends on a house cat to which we compare a Savannah. Savannah may grow to about 43 cm in height (up to shoulder) and its maximum weight reaches to 15 kg. However, there are always exceptions in any standards.

What personality do Savannahs have?

Savannah Cats are very sociable. They are very smart and quickly get trained. Most of them like to walk on a leash which is usually not the case for the domestic cat. Many of Savannahs have a strong attachment to their owners and love to follow him or her around the house. Savannah cats are usually very fond of games and enjoy participating in all family activities.